Minunloft house models

Our house model will be presented here soon

MinunLOFT house models will be well designed and meet most people’s needs. The models will be easily modifiable to comply with your wishes and to fit the building location. The models will be designed by Kaija & Petri Eerikäinen Architects. Kaija and Petri are also the designers of our Housing Fair project MinunVALO

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A completely new and innovative way of building

MinunVALO will change your attitude towards house construction, its architectural aspects and the construction technology used. The standard minimum height for each room is 3.5 meters, and only your imagination will impose limits to the design. Thanks to the new and innovative construction technology we use, we can build your house with clean indoor air very quickly and cost effectively. It will also have an excellent energy performance. The advantages of a house made of steel are solidity, non-combustibility, durability and modifiability. A MinunLOFT house is first class quality, spacious, long-lasting, healthy and energy efficient. It can be tailor-made to meet each customer's needs and wishes.

Read more here about the technology used in MinunLOFT houses

We are currently applying for a patent for the steel construction technology used in MinunLOFT houses.