Also good for the environment

Recycling and reusing steel is widespread and efficient. Almost all demolition steel is reused for production, and more steel is being recycled than all other construction materials together.

40 per cent of recycled steel

In Finland, 40 per cent of produced steel is made of recycled steel, whereas globally the percentage of recycled matter in stainless steel is 60 per cent. Steel can be recycled several times without losing its properties, which means that materials and energy can be saved. The life span of steel is long, which also contributes to considerable saving of materials and energy.

A steel structure does not have an adverse impact on the environment

A finished steel structure does not have an adverse impact on the environment because it does not isolate or absorb impurities or moisture. If it has to remain in the environment, it eventually disintegrates into the minerals it was made of. There are lots of iron-ore resources in the world, and the efficient recycling of steel contributes to the slowing down of the use of natural resources.

Continuous development work ensures high quality

Our steel production meets the requirements of environmental regulations and agreements and complies with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. We constantly assess the impact of our activity on the environment. Slag, a by-product formed in the manufacturing process, is used in road construction and concrete industry and for soil improvement. The substances formed in the purification of coke oven gas are sold to the chemical industry. Blast furnace gas and coke oven gas is recycled to be used as fuel in the factory, and waste heat is used fin the district heating system of neighbouring communes.

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