MinunLOFT Houses

A completely new way of building

Who has not dreamed of a high-ceilinged and spacious home? Lofts are exactly that kind of homes, but there are few of them available in Finland. According to studies made in recent years, Finns prefer to live in spacious rooms with a lot of light, and that is what lofts are all about.

The story of MinunLOFT began when Maxim Helle built a house with a steel structure near Stockholm for an acquaintance of his a few years ago. Maxim is the founder and the CEO of a successful steel production and welding company Hemax Weldingin. He wanted to experiment with the use of steel in house construction. During the construction process, an idea was born to start making the most of building with steel. Steel is firm and long-lasting, and it is quick to construct a building with a steel structure. The design can be modified with ease, and this way it is possible to build a house with absolutely clean indoor air. The idea matured in his head, and new technology was being developed. Through Hemax Welding, a new company was created. It was called MinunLOFT, and Hemax Welding manufactures and installs the steel structures used in MinunLOFT houses.

Lofts started being constructed when people began converting former industrial buildings for other use with minimum cost. MinunLOFT developed the idea for constructing new buildings by bringing to the market a completely new way of housing: timeless loft houses made with style, built with steel with a high cost effectiveness and a very good energy performance. We want to contribute to a change in people’s attitudes: this technology does not impose restrictions on the design of the houses. And of course, we offer package models as well.  ”Once a loft, always a loft” is a good description of MinunLOFT housing, where the use of space can always be remodified independent of already existing design solutions.

Clean indoor air is only one of the advantages of a MinunLOFT house

The Finnish building industry mainly uses wood and stone as construction materials, and this has given rise to very serious problems with the quality of indoor air. MinunLOFT brings to the market a new kind of innovative construction method using structures without organic matter that may cause mildew and moisture damage. Thanks to the construction technology we use, we can build your house very quickly and cost effectively. The indoor air will always be clean. The other advantages of a MinunLOFT house made of steel are solidity, non-combustibility and durability.

The idea behind loft housing is to offer reasonably priced and easily modifiable living space that everyone can convert to meet one’s needs and wishes. This is what MinunLOFT wants to offer you. Every home and its inhabitants are unique. Our team members show courage to innovate and improve traditional construction methods. The standard height for each room is 3,5 meters minimum, and only your imagination imposes limits to the design. A MinunLOFT house is first class quality, spacious, long-lasting, healthy and energy efficient. It can be tailor-made to meet each customer’s needs and wishes. MinunLOFT presents a house that makes you and your wallet feel good.

The first official MinunLOFT house will be completed for the Housing Fair in Mikkeli in 2017. The schedule of this event suits us perfectly. Maxim Helle was born in the town of Mikkeli, so what could be more wonderful than launch MinunLOFT products in a place where the company has its roots?

Our customer promise guides all our activities

  • The best air quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmental impact and energy performance
  • Responsibility
  • Tailor-made building with distinctive personality
  • Quality without compromise

We are currently applying for a patent for the steel construction technology used in MinunLOFT houses.

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