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Our house project MinunVALO at the Housing Fair in Mikkeli in 2017

MinunLOFT is going to launch its house building service by constructing for the Housing Fair in Mikkeli in 2017, using new steel construction technology a loft house called MinunVALO.

In the town of Mikkeli, in the district of Kirkonvarkaus on the shore of the lake Saimaa, a magnificent and stylish house with clean indoor air and easy living is going to be built. Interior and space design will be carried out by Anita Koponen, a lovely and highly competent specialist.

The MinunVALO house will have 188 m² of living space, a two-car garage and a basement. MinunVALO, as all the other MinunLOFT houses, will have a standard minimum room height of 3.5 meters, which, together with large windows, will bring in a lot of light and extra space. In the interior of the house to be built in Mikkeli, grained and easy to maintain concrete and steel surfaces are going to be visible. They will form a stylish combination with the design made with pure lines and wood surfaces. There will also be a spa-like bathing space with a view on the lake where one can relax after a hard work day. The name MinunVALO conveys spaciousness, light and a feeling of free space. The name is a combination of the company name MinunLOFT and the block named VALO, where our lot is located inside the housing fair area. The timeless and stylish MinunVALO has been designed by Kaija & Petri Eerikäinen Architects.

We are currently applying for a patent for the steel construction technology used in MinunLOFT houses.

The town of Mikkeli and the Housing Fair area

The Housing Fair area in Mikkeli is located on the lake Saimaa only 3 kilometers away from the town centre. Taking advantage of the location on the shore of the lake Saimaa and the surrounding beauty of nature is the starting point for the building of this residential area. The area offers good prospects for doing outdoor sports such as jogging and skiing and for picking berries. Not far away, there are sports facilities, including Annila Golf Centre, Ski Tornimäki ski slopes and Kaihu Frisbee Golf Park.

MinunVALO is located in the block Valo near the shore between the cut rock and the shore route. MinunVALO will be built in the lot number 6 called Tähtisilmä (Cape Marguerite flower). The names of the lots in the block Valo use as a theme the names of traditional garden plants cultivated by the residents of old villas on the Saimaa lake shores.  The lots present a beautiful view of the lake and they receive plenty of sunlight in the morning. The lot where MinunVALO is going to be built is the last one on the south side, which adds to the peace and calm and offers an even more beautiful view.

The housing fair area is located between the Porrassalmi museum road and the lake Saimaa. The history of this area, interesting for its culture and its scenery, goes back to stone age and bronze age settlements, continuing through the era of royal estates and mansions to our current modern diversified way of living.

With the building of the housing fair, the constructed area in the town of Mikkeli will be extended along the Saimaa lake shore towards the south, passing by the Moisio hospital, all the way down to Ristiina. This rare entity will offer a new environmentally friendly way of living with magnificent surroundings for people who dream of living near nature.

The town administration of Mikkeli co-operates with residents to produce and create ideas for digital services and smart solutions that bring along comfort, improve the impact of housing on the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

”The housing fair will help create a new attractive residential area which will become an essential part of the existing town structure and a European pioneer example of a future residential area. The area will be a place for active residents that offers excellent opportunities for spending free time in an environment with rich cultural heritage” says the project manager Heikki Manninen at the official homepage of the Housing Fair.

Further information on the Housing Fair in Mikkeli can also be found at www.saimaansivu.fi